Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Roomba Bluetooth Interface

After discovering issues attempting to power my wireless router off the roomba, I decided to build a simple bluetooth interface similar to the roototh interface from sparkfun.

Since I have this weird unmutable DIY motivation; I decided to build my own interface.

The interface is pretty simple; a standard Bluetooth module; some level conversion and power supply.

Design Goals:

  • Low Cost
  • Low Profile (so it doesn't get caught on things)
  • Configurable Baud Rate (as to work with any roomba)
  • Configurable Bluetooth name (So it will show up as "Roomba" when scanning)


QTY    Description       Manufacturer    Part Number
1      Roomba Connector  Kycon           
1      Bluetooth Module  CSR             BlueCore4
1      PCB               Me              Roomba-01
1      3.3V Regulator    TI              LP2950-33
1      0.1uF Capacitor   -               -
1      10uF Pol. Cap.    -               -

I bought a cheap CSR bluetooth module from dx.com; they're about $7 each including shipping

For the connector I hacked a 7 pin mini-din I ordered from digikey; it worked pretty well.:
7-pin Mini DIN connector $3.04

Interface PCB came in aroudn $1 each (since I ordered 10)



Circuit Board:





To finish the devices I encapsulated them in Plasti-Dip; its awesome stuff and provides good protection to the circuitry.

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