Saturday, September 24, 2011

Major news in the Roomote project

Brian Pratt, the developer of the Roomote iPhone app has released the source code for the client side (iOS app) and server side Mac OS app.

I have been working on a cross platform server application but now with full access to the source code it should really speed things up.

Progress has been a little slow on my port. I have the server auto discovery working using avahi in place of bonjour, working on the command decoding from the iPhone. It looks like the Roomote iPhone app doesn't use bit packed data structures which was causing issues with my decoding.

I have finished my prototype ultra low profile Roomba Bluetooth interface, I anticipate the circuit boards arriving this week. I'll post more details on this shortly.

Many thanks to Brian for sharing his hard work and helping me with my port.

Brian's Roomote Page

Brians Roomote github page:

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