Monday, October 3, 2011

Back from vacation let the projects begin

My latest batches of boards are in.


Bartosz said...
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Bartosz said...

When you will start making a new project of powder coating generator? I'm interested build this, but I most interested me a HV cascade. Regards

Scott Gibson said...

Hello, I'll take some pics of my the cascade I've built. I have also laid out a circuit board for the switching power supply to drive the step-up transformer. My plan is to have the step-up flyback and cascade mounted on the gun.

I was thinking about selling the power supply as a kit. I'll post some more pics in the next week.

I have found that I use the lower voltage range more than the higher, especially when coating smaller complex parts. But it would be nice to have the high voltage for coating larger flat objects.

Bartosz said...

Great news!
I will waiting for this.

Mold Removal Troy said...

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