Monday, December 20, 2010

CNC laser cutter

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I have started a Cnc laser cutter with the hopes of building something good enough to cut SMD solder stencils.

Laser head:
I started with a 300mW IR laser salvaged from a CD burn; later I bought a 1W IR laser off ebay and a glass focussing lend.  I turned a holder for the laser diode; and mounted it it in aluminum heatsink.  I put the whole thing on a CDROM sled mounted on a ink jet printer carriage

Pics and video below.

300mW prototype

1W IR Module cutting wood

For the driver I'm using stepper control modules from Pololu; I have laid out a carrier board for them and sent it off to be fabbed; should be in next week.  Fully optically isolated; two relays for spindle control; 3 inputs for limit switches.  Provides upto 2A of current per stepper coil (up to 35V)


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