Monday, July 5, 2010

e36 M50 Manifold Swap

A few pics from the swap I did on my 1996 BMW 328is. I modified the M50 manifold such that all of the existing M52 piping works without modification.

This was accomplished by cutting the base of the M50 manifold such that it will accept the M52 ICV and oil separator mounting plate. I made an aluminum bracket (powder coated flat black) to allow the M50 manifold to mount to the M52 motor.

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B said...

What size aluminum channel did you use to make your bracket? Where did you get it?

I've already got the M50 manifold modified to accept the M52 connections...

Scott Gibson said...


Its a 1/2" U channel; you could use a basic 90deg angle instead.

let me know how it goes.


B said...

It went pretty smoothly. I made my bracket from 1/2" angle.


DaveCN said...

What did you use to seal the plate to the manifold and plug the hole?

Anonymous said...

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