Sunday, November 23, 2008

Linux DVD creation

A quick procedure for converting a video, say a .wmv file from Windows to MPEG NTSC-DVD compatible stream then burned to disc. There are tutorials and many tools that can do this just search the net for details... For Ubuntu I tried a few tools out: Tovid, Keno, QDVDAuthor, mencoder, ffmpeg, DVDStyler. All have their uses and caveats and Keno is actually more suited to DV capture and linear editing rather than conversion and burning but mentioned here for completeness. Most DVD authoring/creation tools tend to go through dvdauthor and most video convertors tend to use ffmpeg. If you have Ubuntu or other Debian like system you can install all these tools easily on the command line or through the GUI. the article is about converting video files and creating a menu driven DVD for playback on any compliant DVD player. If your looking for backup of DVD's search for software like DVDRip,AcidRip, dvd-rip ...

apt-cache search qdvdauthor
apt-cache search ffmpeg
apt-cache search tovid
apt-cache search mencoder
apt-cache search transcode

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg qdvdauthor mencoder transcode

So lets start with a problem; I generated a video using Picassa3 on Windows ( slideshow with music ). I could have done something similar within Linux but I like Picassa3 and well that's it :0

Problem: I have a video file format that I need to convert and burn to DVD

Answer: There's a couple of methods ...

>ffmpeg -i

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